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What is the Unlisted Securities Exchange (USX)?

The Unlisted Securities Exchange (USX) is a cost-efficient and simple share trading platform for small to medium sized companies to provide liquidity and keep their shareholders informed.

What is Efficient Market Services Limited?

Efficient Market Services owns and operates the USX.

What are the market hours?

The market opens at 9am and closes at 5pm. It is not open on national public holidays.

Who regulates the USX market?

The Unlisted Securities Exchange is not a licensed financial product market and therefore is not subject to supervision by the Financial Markets Authority or Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment. Unlisted is a prescribed exempt financial product market that operates pursuant to the Financial Market Conduct (Unlisted Market) Regulations 2015 which is an exemption from subpart 7 of Part 5 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 (the Act). Investors trading in securities quoted on Unlisted trade at their own risk and do not have the protections provided by Part 5 of the Act, in relation to: insider trading, market manipulation, continuous disclosure, substantial holding disclosure, relevant interest disclosures, and the monitoring of market obligations by the Financial Markets Authority. Unlisted has its own Market Rules and monitors compliance by Issuers with those Rules.

What happens if the market or an issuer is in trading halt?

If the market or an Issuer is in trading halt orders can continue to be added or cancelled but there is no trade matching.

How can I see real time quotes?

Visit the quote sheet page on the USX website.

What is an Issuer?

An Issuer is a company that has issued securities in accordance with the legislation.

Does USX offer me any advice?

USX only operates the market on which an Issuer’s securities are traded. We do not offer advice to investors.

What is the difference between the three boards?

USX currently operates 3 boards – Main, Syndications and Venture. In general all Issuers are on the Main market however we are able to provide quotation for other entities which wish to be listed on the other markets.

How do I trade shares in a USX listed Issuer?

To trade shares on USX you need to ask your share broker to place an order for you. Once that order is executed the share broker will attend to settlement of the trade.

How do I get an Issuer in which I hold shares to list on USX?

If you hold an Issuer’s securities and would like them to be listed on USX please contact us by email (info@usx.co.nz) or by phone (0508 865 478) and we will contact the Issuer directly. You can also write to the Issuer or raise a question at the AGM and suggest or propose that the company consider listing on USX.

What risks do I bear when it comes to payment for or delivery of shares traded on USX?

Your broker is responsible for the clearing and settlement of shares traded on USX. This means that the broker firm will arrange for payment to you if you sell shares or the delivery of shares into your name if you buy shares. USX screens all brokers prior registering them to trade on USX. Brokers hold your shares or funds on trust through the clearing and settlement process.

What happens to the shares if an Issuer is suspended from USX?

On suspension from USX there is no change to your ownership of the shares. Suspension means that the shares cannot be traded on the market until the suspension is removed.

What happens to the shares if an Issuer delists from USX?

On delisting from USX the shares are not able to be traded on the USX. There is no change to your ownership of the shares.

Why do some securities have an additional identifier?

Where an Issuer has more than one security listed on USX we apply a suffix to identify the different securities such as .A for A shares, .B for B shares.

How do trading halts work?

Issuers ask the USX to place their security into trading halt if they have information or a decision pending which may mean the market is not fully informed and they do not want that information to become know by some market participants who could then trade prior to the market as a whole knowing the information.

What types of Issuers are traded on USX?

USX can provide quotation for any NZ registered entity as long as it meets our shareholder spread and review requirements and has an audited annual report. There is no specific Issuer profile required for the market.

Do an Issuers financial statements have to be audited?

Yes, this is a requirement of the Exemption from certain parts of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 under which USX operates.

What documentation does a company need to submit to be an Issuer?

To become an Issuer a company needs to provide us with its constitution and last audited financial report along with a completed Issuer information form and Issuer Application Agreement.

What happens if a company fails to meet all of the Issuer application requirements?

We will contact you and discuss the reasons why and try to work through a resolution so that we are able accept your application.

How many shareholders does an Issuer require to list on USX?

USX’s preference is for an Issuer to have at least 25 shareholders, however we will consider a lower number on a case-by-case basis.

When may a company that is formed by a reverse take over apply for listing on USX?

A company can apply for listing at any stage during this process and we recommend applying as early as possible so we can provide any feedback to assist with the process.

Are the first year’s annual fees pro-rated?

USX charges is fees quarterly in advance and we pro-rate part quarters from the first day of quotation.

How does an Issuer update its Corporate Issuer Profile?

As an Issuer you can update your Corporate Issuer Profile in the My Portal section which can be accessed once you have logged on. If you wish to have the attached PDF Issuer Profile document amended please contact us.

How do I set up alerts?

You can set up alerts by registering as a user and logging on, going to My Portal and clicking on your avatar and selecting My Alerts. From there you can turn on or off the alerts that you would like to receive.

Who do I contact if I have problems with the website?

If you have problems with the website, please contact us by email (info@usx.co.nz) or by phone (0508 865 478).

If I have a complaint (about a broker, issuer or trading) who do I contact?

What types of quotation does USX offer?