1.25 BLU 0.14 CNX 0.02 FMS 2.50 PAL 0.60 PAZ 4.30 REL 11.00 RNGA.A 12.25 RNGB.B 0.75 SEC 17.00 SEL 0.70 SFF 0.04 SGL 1.10 SYF 1.00 TMP 0.40 TVV 8.50 ZGL

What USX Offers

  • Provides a centralised and transparent trading platform
  • Minimises market participation costs
  • Provides an arm’s length price discovery mechanism for securities, minimising the need for regular and costly company valuations
  • Improves liquidity
  • Facilitates communication with investors and shareholders
  • Lowers transaction costs
  • Provides an alternative to the burden of over the counter share trading administration by the company secretary
  • Enables exposure to greater investor interest and publicity
  • Provides a low-cost, first step for companies to facilitate share trading while examining their future options
  • Can provide a private market or temporary quotation option
  • Provides a simple means to buy and/or sell shares in Issuers.
  • Provides Issuer Profiles to assist with information discovery about each Issuer.
  • Provides your clients access to a broader range of shares in small and growing New Zealand companies.