Summary Quote Sheet


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Name Prior Day close Best Bid Best Offer Last Price Last Volume
Aorere Resources Ords 0.0010 0.0010
Connexionz Ords 0.0200
Crossgate Capital Ords 3.7300 3.7300
FMS Ords 0.0050 0.0040
NZ Merino Ords 4.5000 4.8000
Palliser Estate Ords 3.2500 3.2500
PharmaZen Ords 0.3000 0.3100 0.4000
Rangatira A Shares 14.5000 14.7500
Rangatira B Shares 14.7500 14.7500
Rural Equities Ords 5.9000 5.8500 5.9000
Shopping Centre Inv Ords 0.6500 0.2000 0.5400
Silver Fern Farms Ords 1.1800 1.1500 1.2000 1.1500 4,021
Skyline Ords 16.0000 16.0000 16.2000 497
Speirs Group Ords 1.2800 1.2800
Syft Tech Ords 0.3000 0.2200 0.3000
Terra Vitae Vineyards Ords 0.6100 0.5000 0.6100
Zespri Group Ords 4.2000 4.1000 4.3000 24,906

Welcome to the new USX website and trading platform. We have made a number of changes to improve the overall performance of the platform and how users interact with the information about our market and issuers.

The first key change is that the web pages provide some information about the market and announcements but to access detailed information you need to be logged in.

To create a login please click on the Register Button on the landing page and complete the registration form and select the Investor role. You will then be sent a verification email. Once you select the Verify button in the email your browser will open the Registration Checklist. Please select the Onboarding Template and complete the onboarding form and Submit. We will then approve your registration and you will receive a confirmation email.

Once approved you can log on to the platform.

You can view the market watch page from the Market or Assets menu item. By selecting the Details button you will be able to see detailed issuer information including market depth, Issuer Profile and Announcements page for each Issuer.